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When I saw PianoVerse, I thought God finally heard me and decided to give me a piano place in Jackson Heights! It’s like they cater to each student and it’s not at all cookie-cutter lessons. I don’t feel like I’m just another student on a list. It’s very personable and I feel like they care for me.

Everyone learns differently and when people are learning something new, they can feel vulnerable. But the teacher tries to understand you and you won’t just be dismissed or put down. They help you learn using your strengths and it makes you unafraid to keep learning. I feel good when I’m there.

It’s great to play and unwind. You can see your progress. It puts some new life in your life–to make something real instead of just imagining it in your head. It’s been very fulfilling.”

Diana F.

Before signing up, I had concerns about my time and self-doubt. Time because, when PianoVerse first opened, I had been working a 60-hour work week and didn’t see how I could fit in the time to take a lesson. Doubt because I thought I wouldn’t stick to it and any effort to learn would be lost on me.

However, I eventually signed up because–well, if you want something how are you supposed to get it if you don’t go for it? The more I waited and used any excuse to not sign up, the farther away I saw myself learning something I had wanted to learn for years. I didn’t want this to become another ‘what if’ and with a little help (push) from my friends I was able to sign up for my first lessons.

It’s rare to find a place that’s just a fun, great and positive atmosphere to be in; a change of pace from everyday life. I’ve taken lessons in other subjects and none have made me look forward to my lessons like PianoVerse has. It makes me want to come back for more.

Wanda M., 27-year-old student

I had two things that almost prevented me from signing up for piano lessons. The first was my age. I am 44 years old. However, I was given piano lessons as a gift from my fiancée (she’s great) so I used the gift and continued the lessons on my own. The second potential obstacle was finances, but I decided playing the piano is worth the time, effort and money because the rewards you receive learning this skill is invaluable.

Since I began, I’ve been learning patience, timing, rhythm and confidence building skills and every week this is my stress buster. The environment is very calm and easy going. The personalities of the instructors and staff are down to earth and even if you are a shy person you will feel comfort in this easy setting.

I had a few fears when I began and I have been able to conquer these fears by taking action and making the effort to make my musical dreams come true.

Mr. Dare to be great in NYC