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Helping you
play, learn, and love music.


Do you dream of playing the piano but fear you are “too old” to start now?
Do you wish you could sing or express yourself more confidently?
Want to unwind after a long day at work? If so, you’re in the right place.

PianoVerse space

Here in Jackson Heights, New York, the most diverse neighborhood in the world, you’ll find:

adult private lessons

in piano or voice with professional teaching artists. Lessons take place at PianoVerse.

easily register

for a Four (4) Lesson Plan or sign up for a trial lesson. Or check out how to get started.

an online shop

full of socially conscious products that are tied to a nonprofit initiative. (coming soon)

a calm space

to practice a little piano or voice, have a chat, or a nice, deep discussion.

But you’re still worried about a few things, right?

Maybe you’re worried about not learning “fast enough” or being “too old” to start learning piano or voice (read piano and voice myths debunked). Perhaps you’re fretting over how much time, practice, and commitment you should put in.

Or maybe you’re worried about getting that teacher from hell (don’t worry, won’t happen here). Sure, you’re excited about learning music and experiencing something new. But you’re nervous…maybe even a little afraid.

Chances are you’re afraid of making mistakes, being judged, getting frustrated, not being able to keep up, or disappointing yourself. You know you shouldn’t let this kind of thinking get to you. But sometimes, you can’t help but wonder, “Will I really be able to do this?”

The answer? Of course you can. It all starts with giving yourself a chance to try. Ready to get started? Click here.


At PianoVerse, our mission is to help you reclaim your inner peace
while reigniting your creativity through music.


and allow yourself to have fun and freely explore.
Disconnect from the busyness of life and reconnect with yourself through music.


at your own pace for fun, leisure or enrichment.
No matter what age, if you have a desire or curiosity to learn then you have already taken the first step.


and care for yourself on your musical journey.
Having patience with yourself and the process never fails to brighten any experience.

We’re here to put your concerns to rest, dispel music-learning myths, and make new friends.

We believe learning music is all about:

  • loving music, letting your emotions play on the outside once in a while, and creating a deeply personal musical experience
  • building mutual teacher-student trust so that you can access and express your deeper questions and curiosities
  • being present in the process of music-making rather than being focused on finite results
  • being kind to yourself and growing from mistakes instead of seeking perfection
  • embracing your musical weaknesses just as much as your strengths
  • fun, curiosity, and passion just as much as it is about practice, patience, and understanding
  • welcoming new challenges and fueling the hope to create something beautiful
  • nurturing patience and appreciation for every note just as much as every song
  • recognizing that music is an activity for all ages and rejecting the myth that it’s just for the “talented few”
  • playing the songs you like and discovering new songs you never knew you’d love
  • stimulating the mind, heart, and soul

Meet the Founders

Founded in early 2010, PianoVerse is the heartfelt creation of a mother (Michelle) and daughters team (Cynthia, Melissa, and Fiona). Music has been a part of our lives since as far back as we can remember. From our own passion for music, the great inspiration from generations of family-owned piano centers, and an upbringing steeped in entrepreneurship, it only felt natural for us to finally create a musical home of our very own.

PianoVerse was also inspired and created in memory of Un-Oi Law (mother of Michelle and grandmother to Michelle’s daughters), who passed away at the end of 2009. Not only was she the key connector between friends and family, but she was also the loving heart and soul that everyone could count on. We hope that we can carry on even a little bit of that warmth and love that she had so selflessly given to each of us and everyone else in her life.

And so, here we are. We hope that our little place of music can inspire and bring together the many musical passions of our diverse neighborhood. Aside from PianoVerse, we also tend to our own individual entrepreneurial ventures:

Michelle Law-Ng

Michelle and her husband, Sherman Ng, have lived their entire adult lives as serial entrepreneurs. After building several successful companies in various niches, they’ve now chosen to kick back a little with their real estate company.

Cynthia Ng

Cynthia spent her earlier years in production management. Now, she has immersed herself in a world of her own jewelry design and 3D-printing.

Melissa Ng

Melissa is a doodler, entrepreneur, and 3D artist. She is the creator of Lumecluster.com, an online illustrated inspirational publication for entrepreneurs, artists, and creatives. Her work has been featured or quoted on major sites like Forbes, Copyblogger, Business Insider, Lifehacker, Tiny Buddha, Makezine, 3D Printing Industry, and Photoshop.com

Fiona Ng

Fiona is a graphic designer and creates art toys. Some of her greatest joys is to inspire a healthy dose of playfulness with her toy characters and creations that bring a smile to people’s faces.