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Voice Lesson Plans

You can’t fake this music. You might be a great singer or a great musician but, in the need, that’s got nothing to do with it. It’s how you connect to the songs and to the history behind them. -Etta James

Ever wished you could sing or express yourself more beautifully? Do you want to be able to finally hit all the right notes while singing your favorite songs?

Perhaps you’re a student, speaker, coach, or other public figure and you’re looking for a more creative and enjoyable way to strengthen your presence and hone the expressive power of your voice. Or maybe you’re preparing for an audition, show, or other major performance.

Learn more about how you can tap into your voice’s greater potential by checking out the overview and steps below.

How the Four (4) Lesson Plan works

Our personalized and manageable lesson plans include a total of four (4) private lessons. Pricing varies based on the level and duration you select.

Each of the four (4) lessons is scheduled once per week on a day and time you can consistently attend. Therefore, a lesson plan is typically completed in four weeks.

In order to continue taking lessons at your preferred time, you must renew your lesson plan within 48 hours after the last lesson of your plan or within any previously agreed upon arrangements. For more information, learn more about PianoVerse or go to Start Here & FAQ.


About private voice lessons

Who do we teach? Teaching adults is definitely our thing, but don’t worry! Our teachers are also experienced in teaching teens and children (10+).

Advancement: Advancing to the next voice level differs from how you advance in piano because your voice is continuously developing. You must be able to demonstrate healthy vocal habits and proficiency in singing technique, breathing, breath support, posture, tone quality, articulation, sight-singing, and ear-training that is required of your voice level.

Books: A voice lesson book, which comes with CD accompaniment (highly recommended for beginners), will be suggested after the first lesson since everyone learns differently, has different interests, and is at a different stage. If you have your own repertoire, feel free to bring it to the lesson and the teacher can check to see if it fits within your voice range and vocal ability (and help you work up to it). Book cost is separate from lesson plan cost.

Age Requirement: Students must be at least 10 years old. Very young voices are under-developed, are very delicate, and have physical limitations. Students need to understand how to handle their voice with great care, maturity, and focus when taking instruction. If a young child under 10 were to take lessons, they will only be taught to enjoy singing and learn good basic habits. However, they will not be able to start serious vocal training until their voice has further developed and matured.

Did you know?: Healthy training and learning good vocal habits can revitalize and strengthen a voice to last a lifetime. The voice is continuously developing and experiences the most dramatic changes during the early pre-teen years. In fact, a woman’s voice may not be fully developed until about the age of 35, while a man’s voice may not be fully developed until about the age of 45!

Essential Information:

  • Learn to find your own voice and the level essentials through various (range-appropriate) songs, genres, warm-ups, exercises, and other musical explorations
  • Sing and carefully train your voice at your own pace for fun, leisure, or enrichment
  • All lessons are private and take place at PianoVerse
  • Lessons are taught by professional teaching artists
  • Curious and experience-seeking students can apply and enhance their skills in PianoVerse recitals (free)

By training your voice, you can:

  • Have fun, reduce stress and improve health
  • Improve public speaking ability, presence, and overall self-presentation
  • Foster greater imagination and emotional expression
  • Build confidence, self-esteem, self-expression, and self-discipline
  • Strengthen memory, communication, and focus
  • Encourage overall personal growth
  • Enhance self-awareness and vocal technique
  • Expand song repertoire
  • Learn how to warm up properly and sing healthily without without damaging your voice
  • Develop good vocal habits, proper breathing and air support, pitch control and musical intonation
  • Work on tone production, diction, vowels, and articulation, musical notation, phrasing, and more…


  • Curious and experience-seeking students have the opportunity to enhance and apply themselves in our annual free PianoVerse recitals.

About PianoVerse voice levels

Pick the scenario that best describes you.

If you’re still not sure which level is right for you, we suggest taking a Trial Lesson to determine your proper level.

Lesson plan pricing

Now that you know which level you’re at, pick the lesson duration that best suits you. Include your selection on your free registration form.

IMPORTANT: The lesson plan prices cover the cost of four (4) private voice lessons.

Beginner Intermediate Advanced
30 min. $100 $110 $125
45 min. $150 $165 $187.50
60 min. $200 $215 $250

Not sure if voice lessons are for you? Take a trial lesson for $25.

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